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The recent killing of George Floyd by the police in the USA

has left the whole world saddened and shaken.

What happened in the USA resulting in the death of George Floyd

has left the whole world saddened and shaken.  The disbelief that this

can still happen in the 21st century has shocked many nations.


Over the years, there have been several protests against the injustices, bias and racism faced by black and minority ethnic groups. The recent  protests internationally  have highlighted the anger and passion amongst all races about the consistent oppression and suffering of black people and the failure of the system to acknowledge and address the problem.

The protests in many cities of the USA have told us that people of colour have been oppressed for a long time and have been suffering in silence.  This tragic death has shaken up systems and practices. 


The slogan worn by all protestors, ‘WE CAN’T BREATHE’ has sent messages to the world that something needs to be done.  People of colour are suffocating through systems and institutional racism.  This unfavourable treatment is embedded in structures and practices.


The diversity of protestors has demonstrated that this is not a fight for black people alone and those who are not directly affected should take action as well. All lives cannot matter if Black Lives do not Matter.


We stand by Equality for All, and hope that any protests that take place in the UK are peaceful and in the light of the current coronavirus pandemic protestors observe the national guidance on social distancing.

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