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Community Engagement Work Theme:

Community engagement is an important element of the work of the Equality Council UK. Our ability to reach and engage communities is one of our core strengths.

In 2018 our focus will be to build on the gains of the past by:

  • Improving our internal systems and processes to better store, access and use data and engage different communities in the different localities within our footprint.

  • Engaging with communities in 2018 will be focused on promoting community cohesion. To this end we will work with communities and like-minded organisations to promote interconnectivity and interaction between communities.

  • Reaching out to the different groups with a view to engaging leaders and community representatives, community members themselves and facilitating their access to publicly available services especially in the education and health sectors.

Improving systems and processes – review and update our technology where necessary to enable easier access and updating as well as faster communication with communities and members on our database. Consider the purchase of a CRM system that will enable us to be more effective and efficient in reaching communities.

Community cohesion activities –
Spotlight events - Apply for grant funding to host themed community spotlight events which will give communities an opportunity to showcase their culture, and also show how they relate with other communities.

Engage with other organisations involved in community cohesion activities such as the local authorities to explore opportunities for collaboration or funding for community cohesion projects.

ECUK Community Cohesion Football Competition – Six-a-side football competition to encourage inter-community relationships through sporting activity.

Outreach activities
Networking events – Networking events will be held to bring together all community leaders of BAME groups and community ambassadors. 3 Networking events will be held in 2018 in Milton Keynes, Luton and Bedford.

Community cohesion seminar – To be held in Milton Keynes in September/ October 2018

Measuring success
Number of spotlight events held
Number of communities represented at networking events
Number of inter-community projects we are able to encourage and support
Attendance at ECUK Football Competition

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