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Domestic Violence

This is often an offense that has proliferated itself across all corners of the globe and has become a most statistical dilemma, for which large communities in various first world countries attempting to spread the positive message of pro-feminism, still face significant levels of rebellion for the public's inherent or religious beliefs. Within the western hemisphere alone, domestic violence incidents have exceeded numbers of up to 20 people per minute within the United States (10 million people per year) are physically and mentally abused with the scarring nature of unsound human behaviour.


Ultimately occurring most commonly between relationships and other connections that bring individuals together, only to be sadly split apart due to unstableness of one's economic, social and general stress of a person's lifestyle. These all lead to potential violent acts and according to 2018 findings, 85% of domestic violence incidents recorded still are Females as the victims, and the last 15% are Males. This reflects that these issues regarding men as the main cause of these acts are likely to be inflicted by the natural aggressive makeup of Males and how often the male hormones such as testosterone, can result in unpredictable surges of vulgar hostility, most frequently to the person's significant other for 40% of Homicidal reports over the US.

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Further statistical readings from "Social Solutions" prove that on a worldwide scale, Domestic Violence still has its influence on many developed and developing areas across the globe. Especially from a young age, where young children experience injuries from their parents or other close ones, these individuals are in fact 3-4x more likely to perpetrate in acts of physical and mental abuse later in their adolescence. Often the psychological impacts upon young viewers of domestic hostility and brutalities between close ones, are then reported with having therapy for what is recognised as Post-Traumatic Stress disorders and various symptoms of the inexcusable acts they were exposed to at a young age.

The ECUK contribution to this worldwide concern is the undermining factor behind Domestic Violence and eventually forms barriers between the person's ability to work in employment and their overall performance to conduct themselves fairly in their personal life, alongside the professional lifestyle where colleagues are encountered regularly. Partnerships have been formed with other agencies that the Equality Council have collaborated with in order to address the issues of Domestic Violence and truly understand the individual's intention when they hold any truculence against the victim of their hostile acts.

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Due to faith in certain religion or honour-based inheritance by cultural or family beliefs, there has been much controversy behind the concept of what is known as Honour-Based violence. This is primarily concentrated at the individual's respect within their community or family unit and will require the upheld attitude of acclaim to willingly perform such actions in order to gain the support of the ones closest to them. This is a long-revered tradition in many cultures and communities, however it is also an act of which does hold its prohibited nature for which many organisations in precedence over the community. These governmental powers are forced to remain conscious of the death and casualty toll that occurs if no tactics are applied to combat these statistics.

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However we don't have to be the only ones putting in the effort. You as our viewers may now join us and support our cause at our upcoming events throughout the UK which you can now be updated about by either signing up for our monthly newsletter or becoming an official member with the option below on the page. Alongside our active bookings for Equality-based courses in order to educate our viewers and assist with their future understanding for an equal, modern society.

Our participants can now follow us with some of our dated events that are available on our events page and will be updated frequently with new themes the ECUK council is here to represent and make a standing difference to. These include our TED talks, where individuals can volunteer to discuss their personal experience with the subject of conversation such as Domestic Violence, Discrimination and Overall inequality.

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