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Inequality within our communities is currently maintaining an unrecognised yet still understood for its primary effects of severing the connections between two different types of people based upon a personal trait of their character. Whether that be through means of wealth, age, gender or even sexuality, all of these non-mutual respects further excel themselves for their inability to consider each other, just in the same way as a person similar to one person treats them fairly, but not for the less wealthy or younger person for example.

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Currently within ECUK bounds, we are attempting to provide an influential voice towards the affected people via the medium of community panels and idea boards, where ideas of theirs and various other equal groups of people can exchange and pitch mutual plans to ethically improve societal facilities and individuals' common lifestyles . Further boosting our abilities to take practical provisions to combat certain chronic and short-term dilemmas that are weighing down on people's lives in terms of their health and fitness from sedentary activity, racial equalities and wealth class.

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However we don't have to be the only ones putting in the effort. You as our viewers may now join us and support our cause at our upcoming events throughout the UK which you can now be updated about by either signing up for our monthly newsletter or becoming an official member with the option below on the page. Alongside our active bookings for Equality-based courses in order to educate our viewers and assist with their future understanding for an equal, modern society.

Our participants can now follow us  with some of our dated events that are available on our events page and will be updated frequently with new themes the ECUK council is here to represent and make a standing difference to. These include our TED talks, where individuals can volunteer to discuss their personal experience with the subject of conversation such as Domestic Violence, Discrimination and Overall inequality.

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