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The ECUK Council's aim is to progress further in eradicating the outstanding inequality that remains in society today and reflect on the world how unfair and unmanaged we consider world problems such as Discrimination and Sexism. By continuing to challenge the most pressing issues that are unconsciously affecting modern individuals, resultantly allowing such highlighted issues to become unnoticed within the person's general lifestyle.

For this section, we are focusing upon outlining some of the most significant informalities which are impacting local and worldwide communities to this day still. Despite the local agency's efforts to combat these challenging problems and ultimately improve people's life opportunities. Inequality still holds its remnants in multiple different  variations, effectively still breaking us as humans against each other. The ECUK council would like users to recognise the gravity of our message and contribute in any way they can to progress against the fatefulness of these work themes, influencing our society for a better future overall for all of us.

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