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Discrimination works well within the same means of inequality, as the term inequality is a rather broad statement to describe all of the global issues and imbalances that are currently still facing much attention to reconcile and repair from what mistakes were made in the past for society. However discrimination itself stands as one of the most controversial and historic dilemmas for society and has inflicted multiple past events that have left many  different races, religions, employment positions, genders and ethnicities with an endless conflict for respect between them.
Discrimination today still displays many impacts upon modern communities across the world and particularly within many economically developed parts of the world for where Governmental Organisations must enforce lawful action, to combat the public from such perpetual protests and high levels of notoriety that the media takes hold of. Without discriminative arguments resulting in generally violent protesting and potential causalities when supporter numbers become overly unmanaged by the institution. Revising many LEDCs decisions towards segregation as a final resort to prevent population numbers reaching too low due to anarchist behaviour taking place outside of the developed regions of every separate community.

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Muslim Man Praying

Here at the ECUK council, it is our intention to influence more local communities to rectify their bias and racist behaviour through the medium of educating individuals and to understanding the phase from tolerance to acceptance by being aware of the equal message and celebrating the fact that the various strands of diversity are to be honoured and positively reflected upon as the differences between us as humans altogether. Therefore spurring a mutual respect between different races, cultures and especially equality within employment, that should be upheld for the benefit of our future understanding and education of how to treat each other fairly, without the error of judgement compromising this ability to do so.
Alongside the importance placed upon the environment and the world around us, for which maintaining a mutual respect between different skin colours, cultures and many other individual traits will ultimately inflict less damage to the natural marvel that we inhabit. The council also offers opportunities for individuals to discuss their concerns about a particular strand to their self and background, of which may be being discriminated against and resultantly jeopardising their chances at their efforts to progress towards something. These could be in conjunction with our following TED talks taking place from 2019 onwards, further details are stated on our events page.


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However we don't have to be the only ones putting in the effort. You as our viewers may now join us and support our cause at our upcoming events throughout the UK which you can now be updated about by either signing up for our monthly newsletter or becoming an official member with the option below on the page. Alongside our active bookings for Equality-based courses in order to educate our viewers and assist with their future understanding for an equal, modern society.

Our participants can now follow us  with some of our dated events that are available on our events page and will be updated frequently with new themes the ECUK council is here to represent and make a standing difference to. These include our TED talks, where individuals can volunteer to discuss their personal experience with the subject of conversation such as Domestic Violence, Discrimination and Overall inequality.

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